About Our Family

Hello and a hearty welcome from Our Family to yours.
We've been dreaming of working together as a family for quite some time and are hopeful that You will join us on our journey.
Both Brian and I grew up in Holmes County, Ohio, in Amish families. Although we only lived 15 miles apart we didn't know each other until our teen years. We got married at a young age and dreamed of moving away to start our family in a new place. 
When the opportunity presented itself, we packed up and moved to North Carolina. 
Fast forward 15 years. 
On our small Farm, we grow and process all of our own meat
as many vegetables as possible and have planted some fruit trees. 
Raw milk from our cow is a daily delight, and making butter & and soft cheese are woven into our everyday life. 
Those who choose to live this lifestyle know it's far from simple, but it is worth it. 
Thank You for supporting our small family business.
The Miller Family